Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Planning Half My Wedding in 3 Weeks: Showered With Love

I promise, this will be the last wedding post in a long while... *tears* 
Since I'm back to kicking it in Costa Rica!

BUT, I had to give a big shout out to my awesome friends 
[& family] who pulled together some amazing wedding showers while I was back in the States! 

The Couple's Shower

McCray and I graduated from different universities so he and I have had the chance to broaden our networks by becoming friends with each other's friends! The purpose of this shower was to involve some of McCray's guy & girl friends [who I have grown to know and love!] in the whole wedding process. We held it at one of McCray's groomsmen's houses and his fiancé, Laura [one of my bridesmaids] and McCray's good friend Taylor helped to pull the whole thing together!

Taylor - Me- Laura

A few of the guys who came!

Me -McCray- Sam- Laura

favor: homemade cookies!

P.s. We dominated the couple trivia game. 
We should probably apply to go on the Newlyweds game show. 

My UGA Girls

This shower was planned by 3 of my bridesmaids- my maid of honor & sister, Sara, my childhood friend/college roommate, Becca, and my sorority little/college roommate, Melissa.

To make things a little more fun, they decided to make the location a surprise! McCray and I met working at a summer camp together a few years ago so we had the shower at a park in Athens, GA and it was outdoorsy/camp themed! I was blown away by how adorable it was.

Invitations picked out by: Melissa

Dirty Laundry Game: Please write an embarrassing or funny experience you have with the bride on a piece of 'dirty laundry'. Hang your piece of 'dirty laundry' on the clothes line!

I had to answer trivia that McCray had previously answered and try to guess his answer! If I got it right, I got to open a present. If I got it wrong...Becca shared a piece of  'dirty laundry'! 

Decorations & games designed & provided by: Becca

Food selected & prepared by: Sara (& my mom!)

Food selected & prepared by: Sara (& my mom!)

Part of my sorority fam!

I love these girls!
(photos for this shower were taken by the one & only: Callie Hanes!)

Friends & Family Shower

Another one of my bridesmaids, Jessie, and her mom pulled together this fabulous shower. 

All of my neighbors, childhood "other moms", high school friends, and even some of McCray's Aunts, Grandma, & mom came out for this one!

My favorite piece of advice:
"When you get mad at each other, kiss for a whole 10 seconds. When that doesn't work, get naked!"

It was such a delight having so many people whom I love from so many different walks of life all in one house!

These events were also the perfect way to see so many people who I had missed so much since January! I am so thankful and so blessed.


  1. Congrats! How fun to reconnect with old friends!

  2. that's awesome to have been showered with so much love and support from all your good friends and it looks like everything turned out so lovely too!

  3. Wow thats do amazing your friends really gave you a special day :)



  4. Replies
    1. Aw, I miss you, too, Imana! I sent you & Kamara an email. :)


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