Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ending October the right way!

As October quickly came to a close last week, here are a few of the fun things that I did to end the month with a bang!

Another fun activity that made my kids more excited for Language Arts than they ever have been before--

Touchy-Feely, Creepy-Crawly, Halloween Boxes:

You guessed it, I made boxes of some of the grossest, creepiest Halloween things around. 
After giving the secret things in boxes a good feel, the kids had to use as many adjectives that they could find to describe what they felt. 
It was a great way to get them enthusiastically writing!

I'll let you in on the secret ingredients:

1. Bat Bones: pretzels
2. Worms: spaghetti & oil
3. Lizard Lips: sugar coated gum drops
4. Witch Toes: mini (and very "warty") pickles
5. Brains: scrambled eggs 
6. Zombie Tongues: canned, sliced, mushrooms

(yes this is from the same child who wrote a math word problem
about boogers earlier in the year…)

Then we got to enjoy a few adorable, healthy Halloween snacks for our class celebration.

Banana Ghosts! (with chocolate chip faces)

Mandarin Orange Pumpkins

And not to be out done by my students, I made sure to dress up for the occasion as well. 
Ok, ok, let's be real. I LOVE to dress up. 
Halloween is just a good excuse to do it!

Scuba diving with my shark counterpart:

The whole suit.

I hope that you had the fabulous October that I had & Happy November!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, how fu!! I love these ideas!

  2. That activity looks so fun! You and Ashley were adorable...love the costumes


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