Friday, March 14, 2014

Ceremony Bliss

Our wedding ceremony was unforgettable and hands down my favorite part of the wedding.

[invitations by dawn]
The best way to put it was that our Ceremony was unique and SO us

My most memorable moment of the day was the 5-10 minutes when I was waiting upstairs alone to walk down the staircase and down the aisle. The songs being played were Christian worship songs that were a declaration of our love as a couple, which is modeled after how Christ loves the church. As I listened to the songs, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Jesus and how he had made McCray for me. Seeing my bridegroom waiting for me was such a precious moment. Even though I'm not much of a crier, I couldn't help but tear up (and smile) with such joy! 

[save the date via wedding paper divas]

[shoes by ; I added the ribbons for my 'something blue']

[this hanger was a gift from our fabulous photographer, Lauren Wright Payne!]

A few of my dearest friends from high school who helped hand out programs before the ceremony!

The Grandparents
The Parents

The Vows:

We wrote our own vows which I highly recommend. We laughed and cried through them, as did the audience. I might have even slipped in "I promise to be your best friend…with benefits"... [haha]

The Feet Washing:

Our first act of marriage was to wash one another's feet. We modeled this after Jesus, who washed his disciple's feet and then told them to go and do likewise. It is our desire to serve one another selflessly throughout our marriage. 

During the feet washing, our bridal party read some of our favorite Bible verses about marriage & love. Let's be real, I have a lot of favorite verses…so we weren't sure if they'd fit in the foot washing timing or not-- but it worked out perfectly! 

The Prayer:

When our friends and family laid their hands on us and prayed, it was so powerful! We felt so blessed to worship and pray with all of our loved ones around us. 

Our friends and fabulous musicians, Nate Moore and Shelby Frank provided the music for our ceremony

The Music:

Come to the Table by Rick Pino
Made A Way by Matt Gilman
Do You Know The Way You Move Me? by Corey Asbury/Misty Edwards

Bridal Processional: Where I Belong by Corey Asbury

During Ceremony:
Waterfall by United Pursuit Band
I Want to Know You by Chris Quilia

Recessional: On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

If you're still reading-- check back soon for the reception & other fun details.

If you missed them: check out our gatsby rehearsal dinner, wedding morning, & first look

Happy Friday!


  1. Looks like an absolutely beautiful ceremony!! Love that y'all did your own vows...and the best friends with benefits...that's hilarious!!! It reminds me of my wedding ceremony, incredibly Christ centered, beautiful!!

  2. Best friends with benefits?! That's hysterical. Such sweet pictures!

  3. These pictures are beautiful!! Oh my goodness, beautiful! I absolutely love your dress!

  4. Your ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Your love for Jesus and one another is so apparent, girl I am loving your heart!!

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