Friday, May 24, 2013

Saving that date.

Changing gears here- 
in the midst of all this excitement I sometimes remember 
that I'm planning a wedding, too! 

I just checked "Pick out & order Save The Dates" 

off of my list! 

While searching around, here are some of the silly & cute options that I found that I thought you might enjoy too... 

(unfortunately, none of these made the cut because a photo card was pretty much our only requirement)

Some websites that I loved were:

Wedding Paper Divas

Love Vs. Design

We ended up going with Wedding Paper Divas because they offer a 25% discount for Costco members (aka my parents-- cha ching!) 

Since ALL of the Save the Dates on this website are adorable, I had to just pick one. 

These were the runners up:

Some advice for picking your Save The Dates:

1. Find one that is YOUR style- not someone else's. 
2. Ask others for their opinion...but don't get too caught up in what others think. (I asked my fiance, my mom, my sister (MOH), and my fiance's mom. The cool thing was that they all told me that they liked the same two!)
3. Don't agonize over it. Narrow it down to your favorite 2 or 3 and then just go for it!
4. Info to include: your names, the date (duh), the location of the wedding, your wedding website, your return address, and "formal invitation to follow" (just to clarify). 
5. Don't forget to get one for you as a keepsake!

P.S. Please don't ever abbreviate Save The Date as "STD". I saw this on a wedding website recently and felt extremely awkward about it..just sayin.

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  1. The Mr. and Mrs. Smith one was my favorite. Funny about "STDs". Congratulations on checking one more thing off your list!


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