Sunday, July 21, 2013

Planning half my wedding in 3 weeks: Saying "yes!" to the dress!

Wow! I have been on a whirlwind of experiences in the past month. First, I finished up school with exams and a delightful visit from my sister.

Then, I packed my bags- said goodbye to my dear roommate, Suzanne, and headed north to Georgia with my wedding planning to-do list in the forefront of my mind. 

In sum, I fit 6 months of wedding planning into 3 weeks. You could say we might be doing things a bit unconventionally, to say the least. 

First up on the list was: 

finding the dress

This was one of the only things that I had to absolutely do in person (for obvious reasons) and it was absolutely more work than I bargained for. 

I started out this fun adventure with a skewed perspective-- that there was "the one" waiting for me in a little boutique in metro-Atlanta. In all honesty, maybe this happens for some hopeful beaming brides, but I ran into an even worse problem: what if you like too many dresses??? 

After narrowing down my options and traversing the city to find the one dress that encompassed everything I wanted, I could literally draw you a picture of the perfect dress for me-- and it didn't exist. Ok, well, at least in a reasonable price range ;) So, my mom and I resolved to that we would find a dress under our budget that I loved- that had ALMOST everything...and then just add the rest! We even figured out a way to add a splash of lace from my mom's wedding dress onto mine.

On the last day of my trip to the states, I ordered my dress from my favorite shop, "I do, I do Bridal" in Athens, Georgia. There's just something about that town that still has my heart. (Plus, their alterations cap at $75-- unheard of!!!)

So, my dress will be 100% unique and one of a kind..and I couldn't be happier!

Sneak peek of my dress!

Next up: finding the perfect photographer.

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