Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deserts will bloom in the light of your love.

To kick off the new semester and our new school-wide ecological goal, we had a "Go Green" morning where we went and planted trees at a neighborhood park that needed some life.

Not sure what happened here, but it was looking a little worse for the wear. 

So we brought some life!

My students felt a sense of pride in doing their part to help our community a little bit!
I am proud to be fostering a classroom community where we think outside of ourselves.

All of this new life reminded me of a song the I listened to last night that hasn't left my head since. It's called "Never Run Dry" by a worship leader named Nate Moore. 

His blog ( give a little description of how the song came about. Check it out:

"Never Run Dry - "Your circumstances don't limit your source." Isaiah 35 declares that "waters will break forth in the wilderness and the desert and dry places will become a pool." I grew up believing that God would set us all up to eventually burn out, run out and dry up - but the more I come into an experiential knowledge of the grace and goodness of God, the more I discover that Jesus wants the exact opposite! He has put His Holy Spirit in us like a river (John 7) so that we can always have access to His abundant life! Seasons and times of wilderness, adversity and trying situations don't have to lead us to dryness and lack if we're constantly leaning on the source of life, Jesus. This song is an anthem that declares the reality of God's abundant goodness in the midst of unideal circumstances. The heart of this song is to call the dead places to life, the sleeping places to awaken and the barren and lacking places to fruit!"

What good words for anyone who is in a desert season.

I'm not necessarily in one that I would call a 'desert' right now, but sometimes it's definitely not an easy one.

"Even in the wilderness, through confusion and barrenness, you are beautiful, God. Even in my brokeness, through this pain I will confess: You are good. Deserts will bloom in the light of your love. Valleys make room for the river of God. You never run dry."  

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  1. What a fun project to teach those kids about the importance of working together to take care of their community.

    And what a great song! It reminds me of one of my favorite verses: Habukkuk 3:17-19. God is still faithful even when our circumstances try to dictate our emotions or joy.


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