Thursday, September 5, 2013

Go Overseas

A few months back I stumbled upon an awesome website called Go Overseas. Obviously, I'm interested in seeing a few sides of the world in my lifetime so the articles caught my attention!

Before I knew it, I was applying to be a part of the Writing Corps. So here it is- my first contribution- a San Jose, Costa Rica city guide! It is my desire that it will help encourage aspiring teachers with a hunger to reach the world.

(Look to the left section of the page, titled, "About Teaching In San Jose" so see info from yours truly!)

P.s. I have been playing Ben Rector's new album, "The Walking in Between", on repeat for the past 2 weeks. Enjoy one of my favs from the new album while reading my article! ;)


  1. This is so exciting! Going to read your article now.
    PS Ben Rector is the man.

  2. WOA, so proud! You're famous! Loved reading your description of San Jose; I miss Costa Rica, so I'm just living vicariously through you (; Keep up the blog posts!


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