Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Celebrating the "Indepencia de Costa Rica"!

Costa Rica's Independence Day is September 15, so many celebratory activities are held in the few days leading up to the day! Last Friday, the whole school came together for a night of fun and celebration of Costa Rica's culture.

Parents brought typical Costa Rican foods of all kinds to share!

We had a presentation put on by the students that included a skit (by my class) about how the Independence was won, typical dances, typical humor, and even a "cooking show" explaining how many of the typical Costa Rican dishes are prepared. I had a blast! Costa Rica has such fun and lively traditions. 

My class, taking a bow after their skit!

Videos of the cutest little dancers ever!

At the end, the school hosted a traditional "Desfile de Faroles" (or Parade of Lanterns). All of the students created their lanterns out of recycled materials and showed them off in the parade that night. Here are some of my favorites!

These are the winners of the lantern making competition
At the end of the celebration, we also found out who won the classroom decorating competition. My kiddos were very pleased to find out that we had won! We got to enjoy a special lunch and dessert this week as our reward.

My gracious students :)
My attempt at a group picture...
And last, but not least, here I am- in my typical Costa Rican dress!!

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