Friday, September 13, 2013

Costa Rican Independence Day Decor

I've been a little absent lately because we've been having a lot of fun happening around the school! A few weeks ago, we had the annual "La Feria de Mandarin" (The Mandarin Fair)-- but (even though it was AWESOME) I'll get to that later.

Next up on the agenda was Costa Rica's Independence Day- September 15th. It was each teacher's duty to decorate their classroom with recycled materials based on the Costa Rican theme (national flower, national bird, the flag, etc) that they were given. I was lucky enough to receive the "Himno Nacional"- or in other words, The National Anthem. I truly love this song so I was excited to get started! 

Today our classrooms were judged and we will find out who wins the competition tonight at the big celebration. In the mean time, while you're anxiously awaiting the results, I'm going to share with you what I came up with.

["Noble homeland your beautiful flag
It gives us expression of your life"]

["Under the clear blue of your sky"]
My attempt creating a blue sky! (egg cartons + paper towel roll + twine + spray paint)
["White and pure rests peace"]
White dove paper garland, donated by one of my students mom's = perfect! 
Loving this magazine paper flag banner! 
["When anyone tries to besmirch your glory
You'll see your nation brave and virile
The rustic tool transform into a weapon"]
["Hail Oh homeland your prodigal soilGives us sweet shelter and sustenance"]
(tin cans + newspaper + sharpie + magazine paper + sticks + hot glue)
Guess what-- their colors are red, white, and blue so I might reuse some of these ideas next July! 
The lyrics were all written on old magazines & newspapers.

*UPDATE: We won the classroom decorating contest! My students have never been more thankful for my hard work than when they found out that we would be getting a special lunch on Monday (cake included)! I guess that's one way to win 'em over...

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Love those flowers in the tin cans! You did a great job!


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