Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Traveling with two wheels instead of four.

No car and no money means you've gotta put in some extra leg work to go places.


I figured out early on that as much as I like walking (read here to hear about my walking adventures), that wasn't going to cut it. So, I opted for the cheapest and quickest option and haven't looked back since!  
I started with the back roads. Scenic view...slow pace...but uphill the whole way to school. There sure is nothing like showing up sweaty 30 minutes after you just showered!
Although, I know that the mountainous back roads were probably a better work out, I began to build up the courage to conquer the next biking feat: The highway. 

I had seen plenty of cyclists doing it each morning... if they could do it- why couldn't I? So, I built up the courage and pedaled out into 5 lanes of traffic. The first time was pretty scary, but I just followed the cyclists and I'm still here writing this, so I guess I survived! After that, it became much easier. 

I'm no expert, but here are some tips that I can offer to the aspiring leisurely biker:

1. Helmet, helmet, helmet. I had a bit of a spill a few weeks ago and if I didn't believe in them before, I sure as heck do now!

2. Always bring rain gear. I bought a water proof bag for my computer during the rainy season!

3. Even when you think you're safe in the bike lane- watch out for motor bikes and pedestrians. I hit a pedestrian once. That was awkward. 

4. Just do it. If you over think it, you'll think about how you dread the hills and end up calling your neighbor for a ride. If you had just gotten on your bike and gone in the first place, you would have been there already! 

5. No matter how slow you go, you are already lapping everybody on the couch! 

Now, I just need some accessories!

My biking Wish List:

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