Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Road Less Traveled

[Maymont Park, Richmond, VA]

It has been 2 months since my last post and 1 month since our wedding. 

To say that this has been one of the biggest transition times of my life would be an understatement. 

Finally, I headed home from Costa Rica to marry the man who chivalrously waited a long overdue year to take my hand in marriage. 

When McCray received a job offer for a business leadership development program in Atlanta, it was now decided that I would now be following my Beloved wherever he was to go. He was expected to be relocated shortly after our wedding so we knew our time in Atlanta was simply an hourglass running out of sand.  

Little did we know how perfect God's timing really is. 

McCray passed his final exams for the leadership program just hours before I returned home from Costa Rica (for good) and he graduated from the program the day before our wedding.

He found out 3 days before our wedding that we would be moving to Richmond, Virginia, giving us just enough time to enjoy our honeymoon and turn around and make a move the next week. We were blessed to have our own place within one day of setting foot into Richmond and now we are exploring it one day at a time

I have been dying to start blogging again but felt like it was really important to take a moment to breathe.

Let's be real, I am not usually one to accept rest easily. 

I usually end up feeling a little antsy. But this has been important. I don't have anything lined up and settled in my future: a first in my life, ever

What I have found is that it's in the quiet moments when you really discover who you are.

Today I had two interviews. Will they turn into job offers? Who knows. But I am so excited to be on a new frontier, just waiting to see the doors the Lord opens for me. 

I can't wait to share the joys of my wedding day with you and I can't wait to share in the excitement of this unknown path I am about to take. 

I hope that it is the one less traveled by, because that will make all the difference. 

[Maymont Park, Richmond, VA]


  1. Lauren! Where did you interview?? That's so exciting! I will be in short pump tomorrow if you want to get coffee when I get off work! I am working at the Goodwill in Goochland tomorrow and will finish up at 4:30 at the absolute latest!

  2. how exciting!!! that is a lot of changes in such a short time!!! hope you are adjusting well - it's so great to give yourself some time & rest! :) i've been married almost 9 months and am still adjusting!!!


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