Thursday, November 28, 2013


I love walking across borders. 

It reminds be of A Walk To Remember when Jamie & Landon go to and straddle the state line in order to be in "two places at one time". On road trips, McCray and I always yell "TWO PLACES AT ONCE" as we're passing the "Welcome to __(insert state name here)__" sign. 

Well ladies and gentlemen, there's nothing like a country border crossing to make you feel like yelling,

       Last weekend, we traveled down to Boca Del Toro in Panama. This antique bridge is where you cross the Costa Rican/Panama border. Ashley looks so cool and trendy in her bridge walking picture, but really we were freaking out a tad bit. The bridge floor boards definitely felt a little too old and a little too loose for our comfort…But hey there I am, smack dab in the middle of CR & Panama.

How to cross from CR to Panama:

1. Stand in line, get your passport stamped by Costa Rica/turn in customs form.
2. Walk across the antique railroad bridge.
3. Go pay your border tax- $3, listen to some Miley Cyrus blasting from somewhere down the road while you're waiting!
4. Go stand in line again, get your passport stamped by Panama.
5. Smile, because you have a brand spanking new Visa. Way to go, champ.

(To return to CR, do these in reverse. Except keep #5 at #5. Trust me, it doesn't work any other way.)

That red & white build on the left = where you pay your tax.

After crossing the border, you should probably head to Bocas Del Toro, because really, you've never seen water clear blue like this. 

When we got there, we rented bikes for $5 each and rode around town to see what we could find!

And after that fun afternoon, we took a boat taxi to Aqua Lounge- where we jumped off swings into the ocean!

  We even met one guy who helped design the place. How cool is that job?

Ashley taking the plunge...
Bocas Del Toro- Isla Colon
(from across the water)

There have been so many days in my life when I have wished I could be in two places at once, especially this past year. 

At least this was one of those days that I could say that I had been.

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! It's currently freezing and snowing here...I'm so jealous of your warm weather!


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