Monday, October 28, 2013

Mostly Monsterly

This is is first of two (maybe three?) fun Halloween blog posts. 
It's just one of the first holidays this whole year that I've had the opportunity to celebrate with my students, so I may or may not have decided to take advantage of the theme...
Here are some of the fun things that we did last week!

The first project all started with this adorable little book about a little monster girl who doesn't fit in because she's just a little too nice. 

My kids LOVED this book. Especially because my version has the words in Spanish, too. 

So, I got a little creative and drew my own monster. Then, they had to draw a replica of my monster.

 The catch was this: to practice their listening to English skills, I described this monster down to the last detail, including how many teeth he had and what color his belly button was BUT I didn't show it to them. We had a blast!

The winners of the competition:

Not too bad, huh? 

Now I have some adorable little monsters decorating our classroom! 
Next up: some Corny Spelling Practice. 

I mixed up all of our spelling words for the week into different sections of the candy corn. The kids had to cut apart each candy corn and put it back together with the right letters to form words! 
Lets be real, I was almost as excited about this as the kids were. 

Last but not least, this epic spelling crossword. Be forewarned, it was harder than it first looked. 

This was a last minute time filler so I didn't have a chance to do it ahead of time. So, I struggled right along with the chicos to figure this out, but we had fun! 

Come back for more Halloween fun later this week!


  1. Aww this is such a cute post. Your kids are talented =)
    would you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin?


    1. Thanks Lina, I can't wait to see more about your blog!


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