Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Looks & Wedding Party Fun

The idea for our wedding stemmed from a winter theme- sparkly and beautiful but also a little woodsy and cozy. Our colors were light/ice blue, silver, cream, & a woody brown (the brown is mainly coming from things like pinecones & tree stump candle holders). 

McCray and I met working at a summer camp and we love the outdoors so it was only fitting that we bring some of the outdoors into our wedding! The venue was a large southern house with multiple fireplaces that was a warm and homey escape from the cold outside. 

It was our desire that our family and friends would have the opportunity to see our hearts for Jesus through our ceremony, a little bit of our story and personality through the decor, and how much fun we have together during the reception.

[All pictures were taken by our lovely wedding photographer & assistant, Lauren Wright Payne]

The First Look: 

If I had doubts before, I do no longer. 'First Looks' are the bomb. At first McCray and I were hoping to opt for the traditional route- but having a winter wedding meant the sun was going to set far too soon for any good pictures. Seeing my groom before the ceremony was easily one of the best parts of my day. As I walked out the doors towards him, I shouted, "McCray! I'm so excited- and I'm not nervous at all, you know why? Because you're my best friend!". We had a blast taking pictures together and with our bridal party. It was much less stressful than trying to squeeze it in between the ceremony and reception. 

The Dress:

My wedding dress was originally a strapless sweetheart dress that I LOVED but sleeveless isn't really my style (and it was a winter wedding) so we added on the sleeves! 
The tailor, Billy Lochridge at Lochridge Limited, created the sleeves from matching lace and lace from my mother's wedding dress (my something old). 

 Last year I lived in Costa Rica and taught at an International school for a year. This was a very impactful and special year of my life so all of my jewelry worn was from Costa Rica. I wore peal earrings, which were a parting gift from a friend in Costa Rica (my something new), and for my "something borrowed" I wore a bracelet that I bought for my mother and gave to her the day of (I also gave my sister and mother-in-law matching ones that day, as well). 

The Girls:

I couldn't stop telling them how beautiful they looked. As I've mentioned before, these powerful women have been a source of encouragement and joy through every season of my life. I was so proud to have such lovely ladies standing by my side.

The Boys:

These studs are coffee connoisseurs, cigar enthusiasts, and powerful men of the Lord. I am so thankful for how well they have challenged McCray over the years! Oh, and they like to have fun!

The Wedding Party:

I debated for a while about whether or not to try to fit it all into one post, but finally I decided that I would split the day up into a few posts. If you're still in the wedding mood, you can check out these links and check back tomorrow for more wedding recaps!
Gatsby Rehearsal Dinner



  1. wow, STUNNING dress! And hubby's reaction made me tear up!!! SOOOO precious!

  2. your pictures are so amazing. your dress is GORGEOUS. your whole wedding could be out of a magazine- it looks so perfect!

  3. Oh, you look so stunning! Congratulations on your fabulous wedding. Everything about it is elegantly styled and put together. Kudos to whoever planned this event – he or she surely knows how to pull off sophisticated festivities. Cheers!

    Matt Fisher @ Nomad Events

  4. I think the main area has 2 levels. The top level is used as a check in area where servers provide hors' dourves and beverages. A bar with a seating area is also available.


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