Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Southern Bride Blogger

Guess what? I am officially a Southern Bride Blogger! If you haven't seen Southern Wedding Magazine, you're missing out! It's an adorable website with so many great Southern wedding ideas. 

I know that my parents from Pennsylvania will be proud. But hey- they're the ones who decided to raise me in the South! I am going to get to show my family from all over the US what a Southern Georgia-Peach Wedding looks like. 

I looked at my calendar today and realized that I only have 4 weeks until I'm back in the US for a month! No teaching for a whole month? That means it's going to wedding planning central up in here!

Here is just a glimpse at my to-do list for my trip back to good ole GA 
(many inspired courtesy of my ever so helpful theknot.com account!). Number one on my list is undeniably "buy a wedding dress" because I keep having nightmares about not having a dress on the big day! :O

Some examples of the DIY inspiration for wedding crafts that I hope start over the break...

hanging decor
Use this idea with "Mr. & Mrs."  for the backs of bride & groom chairs

window pane for menu

quote & verse displays

Wood & pinecone centerpieces
candle holders
cake stand!

table numbers with pictures of
the bride & groom at that age!
Table numbers
ski lift escort cards!

Ring box

...in other words, if you want to see me when I'm back in the States in July- you better be in the mood to get crafty! :P

{ & let me know if you have any rustic but elegant winter wedding DIY craft ideas, I'm on the prowl!}

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