Monday, January 28, 2013

So how’d this happen anyway?

Somehow I got a job as an Elementary School Teacher in Costa Rica without a degree, without knowing Spanish, and without even applying. Sounds like divine intervention to me, don’t you think?

And as after obstacle after obstacle turned into open doors and green lights, I ended up here in Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica ready for the adventure of a lifetime. 

This year, I will be working in a Tri-lingual International School that teaches English, Spanish, and Mandarin. My position will be as a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher teaching English, Math, & Science. I don't officially have a degree yet but I finished the Early Childhood Education Program at the University of Georgia December of 2012 and will be completing my Teaching English as a Second Language minor via online classes this 2013 Spring semester.

Packing seemed like a monstrous challenge at the time but now it seems like a molehill that pales in comparison to my tasks in my teaching job & assimilating to the local culture.

Things that I made sure to include:

--My MacBook, obviously

--My Mountain smith bag

--Chacos (tan lines are cool)

--My new quick dry pants for the rainy season
--A large supply of contact lenses and way too many other toiletries

Things that didn’t make the cut:

--Art supplies (I may be regretting this)
-- My favorite red pea coat, my new sweater dress, and a pile of other cozy winter clothes
--French Press & coffee grinder (big error)

Things that I forgot:

--Retainers (hello, buck teeth)
--Nalgene Water bottle (I’ve been dehydrated ever since!)
--Spanish book (looks like I’m winging this one)
--And more that I haven't even realized yet..

And, after a literal race to gate to make our 6AM flight (not advised), we made it on the plane and on our way.

In just a few short days here, I’ve been reacquainted with the Costa Rican culture and managed to see a little bit of my new community. My parents came along to help out the first week and I know they’ve enjoyed the experience as well. But lets be honest, nobody actually reads a blog post that’s more than a few paragraphs- so I’ll catch you up on that next time.

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